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Our cosmetics contain the natural vegetable materials and the herbal pharmaceutical material that are the most stable and appropriate for skin. They are superior products that are also less stimulation to the skin than the products that mainly use artificial chemical materials. Our researches and develops cosmetics on the basis of the scientific and high-standard herb medicine technology of their parent company. They are the leading company in the herbal pharmaceutical industry and the development of new substances for about 40 years.

We select natural ingredients by screening activated factors, and our product is refined at the GMP factory. The companies that lack of special knowledge or technical know-how in herb medicine have difficulties to develop the cosmetics using the natural herb materials. It is because they do not have the basic data related to herb materials and know-how to refine those herb materials. Our cosmetics keeps the technical know-how that is exclusive and differentiated. It is the result of continuous research and endeavors for many years.

We will always produce that best products using core competencies that consist of the best technology and through continuous research and development. In addition, we will try to be the leading herbal medical company that can make the dreams of people in the world come true.



This is a main brand that actively treats the skin problems suffered by women by utilizing Korean oriental herbal medicine. As women age, the skin gradually loses the natural recovery function, and lowered resilience. HAEMIIN provides various product lines that can actively solve skin problems.

Oriental Medicine

"Haemiin" various product is created and developed according to the basic of Chinese pharmaceutical theory: Yin & Yangand five elements. Korean oriental herbal ingredients plus new patent prescription makes you become an beauty and wise women.

Patent Ingredients

PhytoSol Cercis chinensis extract
Uncaria sinensis extract
Pinus Sylvestris(Pine) Cone extract

It was verified that PhytoSolR Cercis chinensis extract and Uncaria sinensis extract slow down the shortening rate of Telomere created by the repetitive cell divisison, extending longevity. These patent ingredients are jointed research by Department of Biotechnology, Hiroshima Prefectural University School of BioSciences in Japan, HAN KOOK SIN YAK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and HANSAENG Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The Pacnes restraining effect of cosmetics containing Pinus Sylvestris(Pine) Cone extract was verified to be as effective as or more effective than cosmetic materials containing tricolosan and salicylic.

High Technology

1. Nanotechnology
The nanotechnology is new technology that carries the active ingredients deep into the skin enabled by its superb skin familiarity with a form similar to the skin´s sebum membrane structure.

2. Supercritical Fluid Extraction, SFE
Using SFE, clean refining is achieved as no residue solvents remain when extracting active ingredients from natural sources


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