Haemiin AC+Clean Skin Toner    [AC-002]     

Haemiin AC+Clean Skin Toner
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Haemiin AC + Clean Skin Toner  150 ml

This non-sticky, fast absorbing toner can effectively soothe and soften your skin, eliminate oil impurities and provide sufficient moisture.It can improve your matte skin and giveit an shining and silky appearance again..


Pine cone extract(anti-bacteria)/Dryopteris Filix-mas root(rid of eczema)/Rosmarinus officinalis(soothe and calms irritation)/Portulaca oleracea extract(anti-fungus and moisturize)/Sophora Angustifolia root(anti-inflammation).


After washing your face, dispense apropriate amount on the palm and pat gently, slowly along with your face and neck.

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