Power Lifting Cream    [PS-003]     

Power Lifting Cream
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Power Lifting Cream  60 g

It is the king of “Haemiin” line. When woman is getting older and older, their collagen and elastic are going weak and skin became sagging and dense. Power Lifting Cream use patent application(OHAENGDAN) which contains 10 Chinese herbs like chun gung and ginseng. It helps to balance yang and yin of the body base upon oriental medicine theory. As a result of many research, It can also strongly enhance the resilience of 3 Age Zone. Vitamin A-derivative. Composed of  liposome types which can penetrates deep into the skin and energizes skin more faster. It provides a prefect soft and silky feeling.


Lithospermum erythrorhizon root extract(advance blood circulation)/Portulaca oleracea extract(anti-fungus and moisturize)/Panax ginseng root extrac(advance metabolism and blood circulation)


Evenly spread appropriate amount on your face.